How To Import Another Blender File


Today’s goal is to show how to import data from another blender file.

We can import .fbx, .obj and so on by “menu File>import”, but how can we import .blend file to current scene?

The way to import fbx file

I have 2 blender scene and want to import scene_from.blend to scene_to.blend directly.


Windows 10


Click File>Append

Double click the scene you want to import. Then select what you want. In my case, I imported collection that contains all objects.

Result of “Append”

The objects in scene_from.blend is imported to scene_to.blend with their materials.



You can use File>Link too, but the result is different.

Result of “Link”

You can’t modify linked objects in scene_to.blend. If you’d like to modify the object, change the scene_from.blend.