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My Summer Activities 2019


I took part in an internship at animation studio as a software engineer.
I won’t go into details for confidentiality reasons, but it was good experience. Everyone was kind and supportive to me. That’s why my blog update was delayed.

By the way, I got the results back from a license examination called “CG Engineer Certification Test” by CG-ARTS. To my joy, I was able to pass the test with full marks.

For fun, I went Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya and meet friends in this summer.

I have to get down to work and write a master’s thesis, so I will update this blog at a slow pace.

Hello World

I was too foolish that I deleted my database for this blog! And my backup data was outdated. So I created new one that looks like the template of before one.

In this blog, I’ll write topics of programming, CGI software, and technical terms. Sometimes they contain film, music and Indian curry or pancake (they are my favorites).

Anyway, the first thing to do is to enable automatic data-backup.