How To Unfold UV with Seams in Blender


Today’s goal is to summarize the way to unfold UV in Blender by making seams as below.




The model to unfold UV

1. Make Seams

Select elements (vertices, edges or faces) in EDIT mode and click UV > Make Seams. It is better to make seams in the places that is hidden from viewers such as under the arms or inside of the legs. And separate faces if the part has clear boundaries.

You can remove created seams by clicking UV > Clear Seams.

2. Unwrap

Select target elements and click UV > Unwrap.


To update result UV map in real time, check “Live Unwrap” on.

Example of seams 1
Example of seams 2

3. Adjust

If there are overwrapping faces, clear seams between them to eliminate overlap.