How To Push To The Remote Repository From Local One

This is just a memo. I often forget how to create and connect local repository and remote repository on GitHub.


Today’s goal is to summarize how to create remote repository and local repository, and push the committed change from local repository.


Git 2.19.0


1. Create remote repository

Access GitHub and create new repository.

2. Create local repository

Access local directory and create local repository by using command “git init”.

> cd path\wordpressTheme
> git init

.git will be generated.

3. Commit the changes

Add files

> git add *

Commit them

> git commit -m "First commit, The simplest template."

4. Add remote repository

Add the created remote repository by using the command “git remote add <repository_name> URL”. You can copy the URL from the repository page in GitHub.

I named it “origin” conventionally.

> git remote add origin

5. Push the changes

Push the local repository to the remote repository. I push the main branch to the remote repository named origin by using “git push” command.

> git push origin main

* The name of the branch “main” is the default name of branch in remote repository in GitHub. The default name was “master” until 2020.10.1.
* You can check the current branch name by using the command “git branch”
* You can change the name of the branch by using the command “git branch -m <before_name> <new_name>” ([Tips]Change the branch name in Git)


Generate access token and use it instead of GitHub password. (Token Authentication For GitHub)