How To Post Formula on Your WordPress Website


To add formula on your WordPress posts as below.



Install MathJax-LaTeX Plugin

MathJax-LaTeX” is the plugin for rendering of embedded LaTeX or MathML in HTML pages. It convert LaTeX style code ” \int^{ \infty}_{a} f(x) dx = \lim_{n \to \infty} \int^{n}_{a} f(x) dx” into the formula as below.
$$\int^{ \infty}_{a} f(x) dx = \lim_{n \to \infty} \int^{n}_{a} f(x) dx$$

Input shortcode

Input shortcode “mathjax” on your post. (Input mathjax with [ and ])

Input formula

Input LaTex style code of the formula enclosed in $$s.

Trouble shooting

If the shortcode “mathjax” doesn’t work well, open “Plugins” panel and click the setting of “MathJax-LaTeX” on your Dashboard. Check the “Force Load”.